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Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine

Fine Grinding a 20 Quartz Telescope Mirror Rough Grinding on the FixedPost Mirror Grinding Machine Hogging the Curve on a 20 f45 Quartz Telescope Mirror Astronomy magazine names Waite Researchs Renegade telescope a top astro product of 2015 The 20 Renegade telescope offers fabulous viewing without climbing a ladder

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  • How To Use Grinding Machine Crusher Mills Cone

    A grinding machine often shortened to grinder is a machine tool used for grinding which is a type of machining how to use cylindrical grinding machines Mineral Machinery machines cylindrical grinding machines and surface grinding machines

  • Telescope Innovations Improve Speed Accuracy Of Eye

    Telescope Innovations Improve Speed Accuracy of Eye Surgery Health and Medicine They could take the mirror off grinding and in one day get a test back with a detailed map on how to do the next step of the grinding The testing systems developed for the JWST mirrors have allowed improvements in the machines for testing human

  • Mirror Grinding Turbocharging

    telescope mirror grinding machine plans This is my homebuilt edge grinding machine for grinding down my homecast mirror blanks Click to see the whole project This is a 125 inch diameter 15 inch thick lightweight honeycombback telescope mirror blank that I made

  • Waite Research United Lens

    When it came time to order the first batch of 20 F3 mirror blanks for our Renegade project we turned to United Lens to do the job Their approach was to make custom molds for our blanks minimizing the weight of glass that went into the process cutting out nearly all waste and providing the lowest possible price for these big Supremax33 borosilicate blanks

  • Telescope Making Links Designs And Techniques Star

    GrindingPolishing and Figuring Large Thin Mirrors Part 2 Polishing Astronomy telescope making mirror grinding and testing Large Thin Mirror Making by Mel Bartels Grinding Machines Mirroromatic Tom Waineos Desktop GrindingPolishing Machine Ken Liljas Grinding Machine Grinding Machine Figuring Figuring a Paraboidal mirror by thermal

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Plans

    Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors I designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches 1 1m in diameter By slipping on and off a couple of belts the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work The machine can also work smaller mirrors if the drip pan is moved to the fast shaft on

  • Slotted Block For The Mirroromatic Telescope Mirror

    Dec 20 2015 This is a slotted block for the MirroroMatic telescope mirror grinding and polishing Dennis Rech You can look at for the information plans and operations manual All size parameters can be adjusted as well as the diameter of the target mirror The optional slots for washing out the grid from inside the block slit are also provided

  • Waite Research Telescope Mirrors Home

    Fine Grinding a 20 Quartz Telescope Mirror Rough Grinding on the FixedPost Mirror Grinding Machine Hogging the Curve on a 20 f45 Quartz Telescope Mirror Astronomy magazine names Waite Researchs Renegade telescope a top astro product of 2015 The 20 Renegade telescope offers fabulous viewing without climbing a ladder

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Leonardo Da Vincis Inventions

    The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering It has several gears in mesh at all times and also has several variable settings built into it This machine was most likely designed by Leonardo while he was either investigating the different ways that light reflected off things or maybe he was planning on

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Crusher Mills Cone Crusher Jaw

    Telescope mirror grinding machines crusher mills cone building a waineo type grinding machine someday list was a rebuild of a lensmirror grinding machine hindle type and build a waineo style machine named after the late tom waineo online chat build a Get Price Customer case

  • Customer Reviews The Perfect Machine

    A reflecting telescope has a concave mirror at the bottom of the tube the top end of which is open Light enters the tube and falls upon the mirror which reflects and focuses it upward where it can be picked off by another mirror directly focused on a sensor or bounced back down through a hole in the main mirror

  • What Is The Biggest Telescope Mirror That Can Be Made At

    Feb 23 2010 Presumably you could build a grinding machine but it would be cheaper to buy a mirror from a firm that already has a machine Coating the mirror must be done in a vacuum and quite a good vacuum at that So again youre going to have to make an investment in machinery a vacuum vessel a vacuum pump an evaporator

  • Stellafane Atm Fine Grinding Catechistenopleiding

    Page 1 of 9 Getting started on my 6 mirror blank posted in ATM Optics and DIY Forum Years ago I began grinding a 6 mirror blank with the Stellafane Telescope Makers in Springfield VT I lived in Southern CT and worked as a planetarium supervisor so my attention got stretched thin and the mirror was one of the first things to drop

  • Exploring The Museum

    Mirror Polishing Machine The polishing machine in William Herschels workshop is a mechanical device he invented to make the process of grinding and polishing his telescopic mirrors less laborious It has an inbuilt parabolic curve which is an essential element of the finishing process

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Products Suppliers

    ProductsServices for Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Grinders and Grinding Machines 970 companies Grinders and grinding machines use an abrasive that is bonded to a wheel belt or disc to remove material and improve surface finish

  • On The Modern Reflecting Telescope And Rhe

    GRINDING AND POLISHING MACHINES TIlE grinding and polishing machines used by the writer are somewhat similar in principle to Dr Drapers machine in Fig 25 of his book but are more elaborate I shall describe here the machine used in making the 5foot mirror both because it embodies most of the essential features of agrindingand

  • Mirror Grinding Machine For Sale

    telescope mirror grinding machine based on Dennis Rechs MoM 20 CNC telescope mirror grinder CNCZone Dec 6 2006 Rough and fine grinding the mirror is about half the work Polishing is the other half Testing and figuring makes the third half Ive ground a few by hand not to say I know anything about machine grinding

  • Waite Research Home

    So while designing and adding a new overarm to one of our mirror polishing machines we decided to push the envelope Have You Seen Gordon Waites YouTube Channel With about 50 videos on mirror making and telescope building Gordons YouTube channel has accumulated almost 1500000 views Read more Buy a 20 Waite Research Telescope Mirror

  • Precision Grinding For Rapid Fabrication Of Segments

    Precision grinding for rapid fabrication of segments for extremely large telescopes using the Cranfield BoX An ultra precision large optics grinding machine BoX The EELT project will have a 42 m telescope primary mirror comprising 906 hexagonal segments each of 145 m size5

  • How Telescope Is Made Material Manufacture Making

    An optical telescope which uses lenses is known as a refracting telescope or a refractor one which uses a mirror is known as a reflecting telescope or a reflector Besides optical telescopes astronomers also use telescopes that focus radio waves Xrays and other forms of electromagnetic radiation

  • Fine Grinding 10 Telescope Mirror Video Dailymotion

    Jul 25 2015 Fine grinding 10 telescope mirror Report Browse more videos Playing next 122 Mirror Grinding Tool for a 22 f40 Telescope Mirror Alia Banda 057 Grinding a 125inch telescope mirror with 120 grit Tech 429 Homemade polishing machineGrinding 10 pyrex telescope mirror Ryland Wood 232 First stage of grinding a telescope

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Design

    mirror grinding machine design mirror grinding machine design Mirror Grinding Machine ATM Optics and DIY Forum mirror grinding machine design This image shows the 3D model of the overarm assembly I added to my small spinpost grinding machine Im building a bigger one now based on the same basic overarm design In the one shown the overarm is

  • How To Make Your Own Telescope Mirror Instructables

    How to Make Your Own Telescope Mirror Fig 1 This is a large piece of glass a woman off Craigslist gave me It was 40x40 and 075 thick Its what I decided to use to make the mirror Cutting it into smaller sections can be difficult but scoring it with a glass cutter and tapping t

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Hackaday

    Sep 26 2006 The true test of the amateur astronomer is building their own telescope Grinding and polishing your own mirrors is a long arduous process Instead of

  • From The Kiln Of Horace Davis Mirror Grinding Machine

    I had an idle mirror grinding machine a modified MOM 20 so I volunteered to grind and polish his blanks and check for strain using the crosspolarized light test Soon three plate glass blanks arrived two 10 inch and one 75 inch

  • Grinding Vs Scraping Practical Machinist

    Jan 20 2005 The process by which lensmakers usually generate telescope mirrors is what we in the machinist trade call loose abrasive lapping While lensmakers might call it grinding among themselves thansliterating their particular use of grinding as a term to another manufacturing arenas can cause confusion

  • How To Make A Telescope With Pictures Wikihow

    Feb 07 2020 How to Make a Telescope Telescopes make distant objects appear nearer using a combination of lenses and mirrors If you happen to have no telescopes or binoculars at home and you can make one yourself Take

  • Rough Grinding Atm

    Mel Bartels Amateur Telescope Making My new grinding machine polishing a 25 inch 635cm diameter mirror The extended HorseHead Nebula area IC434 Abell 12 a faint planetary almost touching Mu Orionis The telescope criteria calculator I explain the master telescope relationship comprising the five telescope criteria and offer a telescope design calculator where the criteria

  • Ingersoll To Construct Giant Magellan Telescope New

    The telescopes primary mirror combines seven 84meter 27 feet diameter circular segments to form an effective aperture 245 meters in diameter The GMT will be located at Las Campanas Observatory in Chiles Atacama Desert and the project is the work of a distinguished international consortium of leading universities and science

  • Elid Grinding Of Sic Ultra Lightweight Mirror

    1 INTRODUCTION A large number of lightweight SiC mirrors are used for the space telescopes For example sandwich type SiC material is employed for the primary mirror of telescope onboard Japanese infrared astronomical satellite AstroF is scheduled for launch in 2005


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